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In Czechoslovakia, Star Wars movies were not allowed in cinemasas as it was taken as “Western propaganda”. I am not sure if the censors were allowed to see the movie at all or just assumed that the film…

Film Review: Who Wants to Kill Jessie?

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When I saw the DVD cover for “Who Wants to Kill Jessie” I was completely baffled. What the heck could this film be about? I had absolutely no clue what genre this film could belong to. I came…

We got the base now!

Czech Posters

You can find us now at Subtitles cafe, 42 Balls pond road, N1 4AP, London, Dalston! Come for the best (no kidding) coffee or juice and browse the sellection of the best Czechoslovakian poster for amazing prices! We…

Gentle Creature Olga Poláčková – Vyleťalová

Blog, Czech Posters

In this post, we translated an interview with Olga Poláčková – Vyleťalová Olga is one of the  most significant author of Czechoslovakian film posters. She created dozens of them. She got famous thanks to the iconic poster for…


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                                                        R.I.P. Sylvia Maria Kristel, amazing Emmanuelle… (28 September 1952 –…


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  I remember going to see Easy Rider at the cinema with my friends with a bottle of wine. It was early 90’s… We didn’t know much about the film, we only knew it didn’t go to distribution…

Our 1st Czech movie poster exhibition in London

Blog, Czech Posters

          We did it! 1st Czech poster exhibition in London was a hit… Such a great company of friends, artists, locals and passers-by. Fantastic cocktails, pretty good choice of Czech lagers and plum brandy…