1983-NavstevniciThe Visitors (Návštěvníci) are the best sci-fi TV series ever done in Czechoslovakia and probably in the whole Europe! Brilliant, funny, with stunning effects combined with animation of Jan Švankmajer!

Directed by Jindřich Polák, the creator of The Voyage to the end of the Universe (also known as Ikarie XB1) and the fabulous time travel classic ‘Tomorrow I’ll wake up and scald myself with tea’. This mind blowing 15 part sci-fi TV series contains amazing electro space disco by popular Czech late composer Karel Svoboda.

Jan Švankmajer  got quite a lot of space for his experimental stop-motion animation. He created future-like mutant animals (this time all alive) and absolutely stunning animated vision of future human diet called ‘Amarones’ (Amarouny). You can watch the documentary below to see how the trick were created without the use of any computers.

It’s the year 2484 and the Earth is threatened by a rogue comet which could fatally change its orbit. The solution is surprising – Adam Bernau, the greatest genius of 20th century developed 500 years ago an ingenious formula for easy transporting of continents and even worlds. Unfortunately, he made this discovery at the age of 11 and the exercise book containing it was destroyed in the fire (that was set by his father when producing home made alcohol). But this is not a challenge to Academic Filip who decides to send an expedition back in time to retrieve the precious exercise book from the fire. But everything is not so simple as it seems…[hr]Watch the documentary, it’s in Czech, but you will see how the trick was done back in 80’s.



The Central Brain of Humanity (and the future shower)The-Central-Brain
Always keep a low profile!Visitors-together
Connecting with the Future seems to be easy…Connecting-with-the-future
The Earth is in danger… and so is the food!Visitors-double-pic
On the pint with the Great Teacher!Great-Teacher