Oct, 12


Easy Rider


I remember going to see Easy Rider at the cinema with my friends with a bottle of wine. It was early 90′s…

We didn’t know much about the film, we only knew it didn’t go to distribution in Czechoslovakia as it was found to be quite repugnant with officials, it was the communist vision of what people in a socialist country should see in their “free” time.

After the projection we were sure, that the Easy Rider is a movie about freedom, tolerance and different style of living. This depicted the way in which we wanted to live just after the “Velvet” revolution in 1989.

Josef  Vyletal, the designer of the Czech poster for Easy rider, was forced to remove the American flag from Peter Fonda’s jacket by communist officials, so he “covered” it from motorcycle smoke. It was all for nothing at the end, as the movie didn’t go to distribution in Czechoslovakia, people were not allowed to make their own conclusions regarding the movie and were rather deprived of their own opinions. The only right opinion was generated by the communist party. The people had no freedom in their lives, even less in the cinemas…

Jack Nicholson: “Oh, they are not scared of you, they are scared of what you represent to them”.

Dennis Hopper: “All we represent to them, man, is somebody who needs a haircut”

Jack Nicholson: “No, what you represent to them is freedom…”

We all know how they ended up…




  1. Christopher marecek

    Great poster…also remember only hearing about this film in my youth and seen it when czechoslovakia start showing american movies after the velvet revolution…but i did manage to see it in the cinema in the 90`s…under this very poster…liked the movie…though seeing it before revolution would surely make some difference.still it bring back memories ;-] cheers